Our New Addition: Achilles

After almost a year of researching, planning, reading, communicating with breeders and judges and waiting for the right breeding pair we are happy to say that our little Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy was born February 1, 2010.
Achilles 6 Weeks Old

It seemed like forever as we waited for him to turn 8 weeks old, but he finally flew home to us from Texas on April 2nd, just in time for Easter. His official show name is LionHeart Pride of Kheiron: Achilles, but we of course just call the little stinker Achilles. He is SO awesome. We are totally in love and he is more than we had even imagined he would be.

So how did we choose that name?
In accordance with custom, the prefix of the dog’s name is always  a reference to the breeder, so that’s where LionHeart comes from. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a breed from Africa that was originally used for Lion Hunting. They are where the expression “keeping a lion at bay” comes from. They often have a name that somehow references lions, so we thought Pride was appropriate. (We also liked Pride because he’s our little pride and joy). We chose Kheiron and Achilles because we wanted Greek names.  Kheiron was the wisest and most just centaur in Greek Mythology who raised the greatest Trojan warrior, Achilles. Thus, Achilles is the pride of Kheiron. (Kheiron derived from a word meaning “surgeon” or “skilled with hands” in mythology, so “pride of the surgeon” was fitting for John). Achilles is called the most handsome of heroes in Greek mythology who was dipped in a lake by his heel to become a immortal. Only the heel was left dry- thus his only weakness. We thought it was fitting since Achilles is our weakness, and since it would be funny teaching him to heel saying “Achilles, heel!”.
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One Comment to “Our New Addition: Achilles”

  1. how dang cute is he =)

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