July 1, 2010

Baltimore to Savannah – The Road Trip Begins

Today was the start of our cross-country adventure to San Diego, California to start our new life together. We’ve been so excited preparing for this day! Today’s destination: Savannah, GA for some Southern comfort and good country cooking for two sunny days. We can’t wait!

We got Achilles loaded into the car this morning and said our temporary goodbyes to John’s parents as they wished us well on our adventure. A quick pit stop for coffee at Royal Farms and we were on our way heading down I95 to Georgia!We weren’t sure how Achilles would handle the car, but he seems to be loving it so far. He basically just sleeps in the back seat. I made him such a comfy bed back there that I’m almost jealous and may make him share that comfort.

We decided to wake him up just outside of Richmond, VA to stop at a dog park. We found it through our iPhone’s Eukanuba Dog Park App that gives us info on pet friendly places to stop all along the way. Very cool app. A little frisbee and fetch in the sunshine and we were back on route to Savannah.

In preparing for our trip, Carmen (John’s mom) reminded us about 1,000 times to fill our gas tank every time we stop, to take care of each other, to rest and go slow, and whether we needed to take frozen water bottles and medicine. I teased her that we’re not going on a jungle Safari- just going down the 95 to the 10 where there are convenience stores, tourist information and shops every 10 feet. Then this morning, just as I was about to start crying in the midst of my goodbyes, my tears become laughter as I see a pocketnife style rescue tool, Xifaxan (a medicine that prevents wicked GI problems like those you can get in 3rd world countries), and tubes of Hydrocortisone cream sitting out for us to take on the trip- all gifts from my father in law, George. Hilarious. Well, George I hope you’re reading this because I already used the hydrocortisone cream on a wicked mosquito bite that I got in Wilson, NC while Achilles took a pit stop in the grass. And for anyone else reading- you may appreciate that the tube is labeled “Analpram” – cleary the hydrocortisone cream of choice for colorectal surgeons like George- and very effective on bites on arms (and apparently other places as well). :-

We are on the road now- John drank a 5 hour energy drink and is wired listening to Credence Clearwater Revival as Achilles snores stretched out in the back seat. My boys- love it.

We will be spending 2 nights in Savannah and taking some tours, etc. – and of course we have a list of restaurants we’re just aching to try. It will be fun! The hotel has a bed and toys ready for Achilles when we arrive- and we have a doggy nanny waiting to play with him so we don’t feel guilty getting out and exploring Old Towne Savannah without our little guy. Looking forward to it.

More to come…..

Carolyn (and John & Achilles)

May 24, 2010

Westward Bound

Laying in bed this morning – fast asleep- I wake up to John looking at me with a big smile, Love in his eyes- and one exclamation: We did it! We’ll be in CA in a month!

Yep, it’s true! We’re headed home to the sunshine at last! It is exciting, scary at times and very fun to look ahead and be able to say that we’re finally ready to start “our life” together. It’s so cool.

The very first night I met John he told me his dream was to move to San Diego. At the time I didn’t know anything about him. I actually didn’t even know what he looked like. He was in the drivers seat of a car piled with friends on our way out for the night. When I got in the car I was surprised to see a stranger driving. Through the rear view mirror he introduced himself as “John” and not even ten minutes later mentioned his love of San Diego. Of course, me being from San Diego, it was a perfect conversation starter. We chatted about the city I call “home” the rest of the ride.

It’s humbling to think that John’s dream of living in San Diego, and the hope I’ve always had to return there to my family, has finally come true. God is good indeed.

We are actually packing up the house right now for the big move. Its a lot of work and stressful at times, but I am trying to savor every moment. One day I’ll tell this story to our kids- all about our dream and then big move across country. Reminds me of the stories my parents have told me about venturing into the exciting unknown. Like my mom marrying and leaving Mexico for my Dad, then  moving from Phoenix to San Diego to start their life and a family of their own.  Same for my bonus mom and dad, who left nearly everyone behind in Lebanon to start their own life in Baltimore. The cycle of life and families and all our shared love continues now. The future is bright!

April 2, 2010

Our New Addition: Achilles

After almost a year of researching, planning, reading, communicating with breeders and judges and waiting for the right breeding pair we are happy to say that our little Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy was born February 1, 2010.
Achilles 6 Weeks Old

It seemed like forever as we waited for him to turn 8 weeks old, but he finally flew home to us from Texas on April 2nd, just in time for Easter. His official show name is LionHeart Pride of Kheiron: Achilles, but we of course just call the little stinker Achilles. He is SO awesome. We are totally in love and he is more than we had even imagined he would be.

So how did we choose that name?
In accordance with custom, the prefix of the dog’s name is always  a reference to the breeder, so that’s where LionHeart comes from. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a breed from Africa that was originally used for Lion Hunting. They are where the expression “keeping a lion at bay” comes from. They often have a name that somehow references lions, so we thought Pride was appropriate. (We also liked Pride because he’s our little pride and joy). We chose Kheiron and Achilles because we wanted Greek names.  Kheiron was the wisest and most just centaur in Greek Mythology who raised the greatest Trojan warrior, Achilles. Thus, Achilles is the pride of Kheiron. (Kheiron derived from a word meaning “surgeon” or “skilled with hands” in mythology, so “pride of the surgeon” was fitting for John). Achilles is called the most handsome of heroes in Greek mythology who was dipped in a lake by his heel to become a immortal. Only the heel was left dry- thus his only weakness. We thought it was fitting since Achilles is our weakness, and since it would be funny teaching him to heel saying “Achilles, heel!”.
January 1, 2010

Welcome to our family blog!

Hello family and friends!

We decided it was finally time to change the carolynandjohn.com website from our official “wedding site”  to a permanent “our life” site so that we can keep in touch with everyone.  Please visit often as we will try to provide updates frequently. Also, if you have a family blog, let us know as we’d love to link into yours!

Much love ~ Carolyn & John


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